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The [Smyte] dashboard allowed us to look holistically at account sign up information. Their system is able to group related spammer-owned accounts together and tie them to a single entity. Their platform allows you to create a rule inside, on the fly, to take down the entire ring in one go.

Hao Sun
Engineering Manager, Zendesk


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Use Case


Zendesk is a customer service platform. It’s designed for companies that want to create customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive. Using Zendesk’s main product, ‘Support,’ customer service organizations can message customers, usually over email, to help them with trouble tickets and other customer support issues.

Challenges Zendesk Faced

Zendesk offers a “Free Trial” as part of their customer acquisition strategy so that potential customers can easily create free accounts to test-drive Support. The problem is, the same ease of use for trial sign up can be leveraged by criminal enterprises to send out spam and/or phishing messages, taking advantage of Zendesk’s strong brand and email reputation.

  • Spammers using Zendesk’s free trial offering to send spam via Zendesk’s messaging service
  • Weeklong delays for resolving new spam cases because of internal friction
  • Problems auto suspending known violators
  • Problems with the accuracy of existing detection tool
  • 60 new spammer sign ups per day
  • Spam on another product called ‘Guide’ (customer resource center)

Solutions with Smyte

Zendesk uses Smyte to lower spam while still providing  great user experiences for legitimate users. Hao's team leverages Smyte for better data signals, more flexibility, and better tools.

  • Smyte helped Zendesk lower spammer detection false positive rates by 70%.
  • Switching over to SQRL Rules Engine lowered time-to-resolution from weeks to hours.
  • After integrating with Smyte, Zendesk dropped new spammer sign up attempts by 80%.
  • Smyte helped Zendesk uncover more spam problems on their resource center product called ‘Guide’.

Learn more by downloading the complete case study or watching the on-demand webinar featuring Hao Sun, Engineering Manager at Zendesk, and Julian Tempelsman, co-founder at Smyte.

Download the Case Study

Watch the Webinar