Smyte stops bad actors online.

Our trust and safety system stops scams, spam, harassment and credit card fraud before they happen, and makes human reviewers more efficient.

    Smyte knows your bad actors.

    We analyze user behavior and trends across the internet to identify bad actors before they hit your website or mobile app.

    It’s not just machine learning.

    Our analysts will work with you to build and monitor custom rules to minimize false positives.

    Focus on your business, not internal tools.

    Your manual reviewers will be more efficient and you won’t have to build and maintain internal tools.

Getting started is easy.

  1. 1. Send analytics events

    It’s as easy as using Google Analytics. See the documentation to learn more.

    • Web
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Server
    _smyte.push(['_setClientKey', 'YOUR_CLIENT_KEY']);
    _smyte.push(['_setSession', {
      id: 'YOUR_SESSION_ID',
      actor: 'YOUR_ACTOR_ID'
  2. 2. Use Smyte

    Use our dashboard to conduct manual reviews. We’ll send you instant webhooks whenever we find something shady.

  3. 3. Customize

    Smyte works out of the box, and you can write new rules in JavaScript if you need to.

    if (
      (features.IsProxy || features.IsTorExitNode) &&
      features.PaymentAmountUsd > 500
    ) {
        ruleName: 'HighValuePurchaseFromProxy',
        labels: ['needs_manual_review']

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Thanks to Smyte, we’ve been able to automatically tag 60% of bad actors and decreased our chargeback rate. These are the bread and butter issues for Tilt Pro and our customers. Smyte always delivers VIP support and has helped scale with us automatically as we expanded to cover more countries, which gives us real peace of mind.”

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Henry Liu
Engineering Lead, Tilt

Our team has fought fraud, built infrastructure, and led engineering teams at Google, Square, and Instagram.

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