Smyte is a small team of friendly experts in the areas of spam, fraud, and security.

Julian Tempelsman


Julian worked at Google on the Gmail spam and abuse team. Before that, he worked on Google Wallet’s anti-fraud team and the Google Drive anti-abuse team.

Pete Hunt

CEO, Co-founder

Pete led the Instagram web team at Facebook and built Instagram’s suite of business analytics products. Before that, he was one of the original members of the React.js team.

Josh Yudaken


Josh was a member of Instagram’s core infrastructure team and before that, a cofounder of the South African startup SnapBill.

Working Here

We’re always looking for fresh faces to add to the team. If you enjoy paying rent in San Francisco and want to deal with Giants' traffic on game days we’d love to hear from you.


The Team

Lauren Deas

Chief of Staff

Lauren is helping Smyte scale its internal operations. Before joining Smyte, she was in Nashville, TN at Lonely Planet.

Jason Fischl

VP Engineering

Jason led the engineering team at Remind scaling the team from 6 to over 40 engineers while the user base grew to more than 20M monthly active users.

Kristen Judge

Business Development & Sales

Kristen is helping grow the business and sales side of Smyte. Before Smyte, Kristen managed sales at Dropbox and grew sales and marketing at ZL Technologies.

Jonathan Root

Anti-abuse Engineering

Jonathan’s been fighting spam and fraud his whole life. Before Smyte, he was at Google fighting fraud on the Google Wallet team, compromised accounts on AdWords and search spam at Yahoo.

Alana Glassco

Anti-abuse Engineering

Alana spent five years working on policy & enforcement at Google and YouTube. Before she left for Smyte, she was managing YouTube’s analytics & tools team.

Yunjing Xu


Yunjing studied cloud performance and security for his Ph.D at Michigan. He worked on data infrastructure at Square and led pricing and corporate ordering at Caviar.

Paul Mou


Paul joined Smyte from Inkling. Before Inkling, he studied system design at University of Waterloo.

Dave Newman


After moving to the US from Australia, Dave founded Minefold (YC W12) and He’s now helping Smyte scale up.

Mike Meyer


Mike is responsible for the look and feel of Smyte. Before Smyte he contracted with great companies like Dropbox and Venmo. Sketch is not his favorite computer program. It’s growing on him, though.

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