Smyte OnDemand WebinarHow Zendesk Took Back Control of Their Free Trials from Spammers and Phishers (And How You Can Too)

Like most SaaS companies, Zendesk offers a free trial to prospects. But its trial offered an easy entry for spammers and other bad actors to penetrate, inflict some damage, then disappear. Zendesk found a solution that reduced time-to-resolution from weeks to hours, forcing spammers to find easier targets.  

Now Zendesk’s free trial is generating new business, not creating new headaches.

  • Dropped new spammer signups by 80%
  • Lowered false positive rates by 70%
  • Reduced time-to-resolution from weeks to hour

Watch the on-demand webinar that lays out the roadmap for bringing these common problems under control.

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"The [Smyte] dashboard allowed us to look holistically at account sign up information. Their system is able to create a rule inside, on the fly, to take down the entire ring in one go."


-Hao Sun, Engineering Manager, Zendesk