Meet the team.

These are the people that are building Smyte.

These are the co-founders (is that hyphenated?)

  • Pete Hunt

    CEO, Product Engineer

    Pete led the Instagram web team at Facebook and built Instagram’s suite of business analytics products. Before that, he was one of the original members of the React.js team.

  • Julian Tempelsman

    Product Engineer

    Most recently, Julian worked at Google on the Gmail spam and abuse team. Before that, he worked on Google Wallet’s anti-fraud team and the Google Drive anti-abuse team.

  • Josh Yudaken

    Infra Engineer

    Josh was a member of Instagram’s core infrastructure team and before that, a cofounder of the South African startup SnapBill. Of all the South Africans on the team, he’s the most… South African.

  • Mike Meyer

    Designe̺͓ͅr, Fro̮̤nt-en̹̺̬͇̙̻̬̪d Enginḛ͈͍̫̙͈eṟ̘̠͚

    Mike is responsible for the look and feel of Smyte. He’s also the one writing these bios. He doesn’t enjoy writing in the third person, but hey, sometimes you’ve gotta take one for the team, or in this case, write one for the team… page.

  • Caroline Fernandes

    VP of Business Development and Sales

    Caroline heads up the business and sales side of Smyte. Prior to Smyte, she helped build the SaaS analytics businesses at Keen IO and Streetline. To get her thoroughly animated before her morning coffee, just bring up Half Dome.

  • Yunjing Xu

    Infra Engineer

    Yunjing studied cloud performance and security for his Ph.D. He worked on data infrastructure at Square and led pricing and corporate ordering at Caviar. He’s working with Josh on our myriad infrastructure challenges.

  • Paul Mou

    Product Engineer

    Paul is our most recent hire. He studied system design at University of Waterloo in the strange and mysterious land of “Canada”. He knows multiple human languages as well as computer ones. He allegedly watches way too many “football” games for his own good.