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Tilt Pro provides an advanced set of tools for startups and enterprise customers launching crowdfunding, pre-order, and donation campaigns. Tilt Pro has handled thousands of campaigns for companies like Lily Camera (a $34M campaign!), Navdy, and even large brands like Dick’s Sporting Goods.


B2C crowdfunding, preorder campaigns

Use Case

Anti-fraud and chargeback prevention

Product in Use

Smyte Commerce

Thanks to Smyte, we've been able to automatically tag 60% of bad actors and decreased our chargeback rate. These are the bread and butter issues for Tilt Pro and our customers. Smyte always delivers VIP support and has helped scale with us automatically as we expanded to cover more countries, which gives us real peace of mind.

Henry Liu
Engineering Lead, Tilt


Crowdfunding and preorders represent a complex sales model that doesn’t fit into a standard e-commerce suite for several reasons:

  • Sellers and buyers are often untrusted.
  • Every crowdfunding campaign is different. It can take time to train machine learning models, which can lead to a surfeit of false positives. The system needs to be customizable so that new types of attacks can be dealt with quickly.
  • False positives don’t just affect the bottom line; they tarnish the brand, sometimes irreparably.
  • Sellers live or die based on the success of their campaigns.
  • Buyers are often passionate early adopters and tend to fund multiple campaigns over time, so retaining their support is critical.

Solutions with Smyte

Smyte delivers the reliability, speed and results that are essential to a white label solution—it's not just our reputation on the line, it's our customers.

Based on chargeback data analysis, nearly 60% of the payments originating from bad actors were automatically identified by Smyte.

Smyte catches the widest range of fraud for Tilt Pro—buyer seller collusion, credit card testing, suspicious buyers and sellers, copycat and fraudulent campaigns—and we’re always expanding the variety of problems we solve.

Smyte isn’t just machine learning. We use a hybrid approach of customizable rules combined with machine learning to achieve an extremely low false positive rate.

We surface anomalies and provide real-time verdicts to Tilt Pro with human-readable reasons as to why those verdicts were applied. We don’t think companies with preorder campaigns should settle for anything less than complete transparency, let alone opaque scores.

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