Case Study

Reveal is a social network that allows users to ask questions and answer via photo or video. Reveal uses the cryptocurrency Reveal coin to encourage users to interact with one another.


Social Networking

Use Case

Preventing harassment, profanity, and sexual content

Product in Use

Smyte Social

Smyte has delivered on protecting teenage users of our social app from bullying, profanity, scams and spam. They took the time to get to know our team, users, and data, and they innovated quickly to get the results we wanted but weren't sure we could get. I recommend them for trust and safety for social networks.

Matt Ivester
CEO, Reveal


Social networking and user generated content can have pitfalls for teens, the majority user demographic at Reveal. Some stats:

  • More than 50% of teens have reported being bullied on social networks. Online bullying can be extreme and crippling for some teens.
  • Underage teens need protection from profanity and sexual content.
  • 70% of new social media profiles are spam.

It can be difficult and time consuming for site moderators to identify and block every single instance of abuse and sexual content on their app.

Solutions with Smyte

Smyte took on the challenge of protecting Reveal's teen users from harassment, profanity, spam and scams.

This demonstrated Smyte's flexibility and customization:

  • We learned about the users from the people who know them best: Reveal’s moderators.
  • Among other things, our NLP models detected profane, violent and sexual content and specified to what degree (mild, medium, or strong).
  • We wrote and configured custom rules, models and review UIs tailored to Reveal's specific use cases.
  • Smyte keeps learning to detect new types of anomalies in user generated content and adjust accordingly.

We delivered synchronous verdicts in under a second.

Reveal not only achieved its targets with blocking harassment, profanity and abuse, but also landed an unexpected windfall in reducing manual review.

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